Administrators are players with the role of ensuring welfare of NewSpawers and performing maintenance tasks on the server, as well as resolving conflicts between players and performing changes to the server.

The role of administrator doesn't imply the user won't be playing just as other NewSpawners do - in survival mode, on Hard difficulty, with NewSpawn Events. Administrators of the server are always administrators of the Discord and the Wiki too, however one can become an Admin on the Wiki and not in-game.

The role of Administrator is not given to any members but alex2003super's closest and most trusted friends to ensure the highest level of safety possible for the community, hence asking for it might result in a ban.

There are also Helpers, which - as the name implies - are players that might be able to help you in case of griefing or theft on NewSpawn. They only have access to investigation, rollback and access management (e.g. /ban, /kick) related commands and won't be able to alter server functionality or even use commands such as /gamemode or /tp. It must be noted that Helpers don't have any additional power over the server and cannot nominate other Helpers.

Follows a comprehensive list of administrators and helpers.

Current administrators

  • alex2003super (also known as simply "Alex"): founder of the server and currently sole technical administrator.
  • leggendasnake: a friend of alex2003super, not online very often.

Current helpers

  • Th3Sad0ne (also known as simply "Sad"): one of the first and most powerful players on NewSpawn.
  • Snaik ("Snikur" on Discord): often jokingly referred to as "NewSpawn's Bezos", possibly the richest player on NewSpawn.
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