NewSpawn Wiki

A Spawn Spot (sometimes referred to as "NewSpawn") is a safe location randomly selected in the Overworld by server code. All Spawn Spots are within the Border area and get renewed weekly. Near every Spawn Spot, a settlement known as Spawn Town is usually created, in order provide new players with a safer starting environment.

The random election of a Spawn Spot through weekly NewSpawn events is one of the core aspects of NewSpawn gameplay experience, and the one major difference from standard Vanilla Minecraft gameplay. Each time a new Spawn Spot is selected, the world spawn is moved to match the new Spot, hence Compasses point to the new location and players without a bed will spawn there too. An element of randomness in the choice of location makes it so that a Spawn Spot could be either far from or close to the previous one.

Spawn Spots are usually referred to using the notation "NS#XX" where "NS" stands for "NewSpawn" and XX is the number of the Spot. For instance the first official Spawn Spot was NS#00, the following was NS#01 and so on.

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