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Welcome to NewSpawn!

NewSpawn is a Minecraft (Java Edition) server based on a comment by /u/EggYoch on Reddit. NewSpawn is unique in that its spawn location changes to a new random one every week, on Sunday at midnight, CST/CEST.

NewSpawn has its own subreddit (/r/newspawn) and Discord server, and a medium/small-sized community.

To join, launch Minecraft (version 1.15.2 or newer), go into Multiplayer > Add Server and type in the Server Address field. Click on Done and double-click on the Server icon in the list to start playing. Make sure you've read and agreed to all the rules of NewSpawn. You can find those in the Rules page.

Should you have any additional questions, you can contact /u/alex2003super via Reddit or through Discord.

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