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By playing on NewSpawn, using our Discord, our Wiki or our Subreddit, you must abide by the following sets of rules:

  • The Reddiquette (on Reddit, and in-game/Discord where applicable)
  • The NewSpawn Rules
  • Specific rules of websites and platforms (e.g. Wikia, Discord, Minecraft: Java Edition)
  • You're additionally subject to Italian/European Internet laws

NewSpawn Rules

  1. You may not, under any circumstance, attempt to have a negative impact over the experience of any other user of NewSpawn. Specifically, acts that are not allowed on NewSpawn as per Rule 1 include:
    • Verbally harassing or insulting players, no exceptions will be considered valid.
    • Disrupting gameplay experience by intentionally destroying or damaging structures built or resources acquired by other users, such as houses and items.
    • Stealing or otherwise taking possession of land and/or items located on grounds distinctly marked by other players (e.g. buildings, sealed chests or chests with signs, inhabited caves etc.).
    • Damaging and/or killing players, directly or not (e.g. using lava). Traps on your own property are exempted, providing they follow the criteria below.
    • Building traps on public ground that can lead to damage to the natural world, loss of items and/or time, death or damage to players. You may never build traps within territories owned by other players (i.e. distinctly marked as claimed by building structures on them) unless you've been given permission by all of the owners and the criteria above are met. Your traps should never trigger TNT explosions, regardless of location.
    • Doxxing players by revealing personal information they didn't explicitly give you permission to share, including IP addresses, physical locations, real full names, email addresses, phone numbers, links to other concealed identities and social media accounts (should authorization be unverifiable reliably, we'll always act in favor of the victim).
    • Building "lag machines", structures with the intent of impacting server performance, or any of the following types of structures regardless of the intent:
      • "Fish farms" based on noteblocks
      • Explosive material sites of large proportions (no more than 15 blocks of TNT per site)
      • Unattended fully-automated farms without a working on/off switch
      • TNT left placed unattended (you must always remove TNT blocks that you are not going to use at the moment)
      • Permanent redstone loops
    • Using any kind of modified or custom client that can give you potential unfair advantage over other players. This includes "hacks" and "cheats" such as Wurst. The following modifications of the official client that can be downloaded from or sets of alternative software are the only allowed:
      • OptiFine, including Dynamic Lighting features
      • ViveCraft in order to play Minecraft in virtual reality (teleportation and many other VR movement features are either disabled or will get you kicked and potentially banned for cheating; if a certain behavior triggers our cheat detection system, please contact an administrator immediately rather than repeating the act in question; should VR movement cause you motion sickness, quit using it and switch to flat-screen gaming - teleporting is not allowed!)
      • DragonProxy in order to join from Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (all Bedrock platforms allowed, provided no modifications are installed on them; playing on a touchscreen without "split controls" enabled might trigger our cheat detection system, in which case the same rules for teleporting in VR apply).
  2. It is forbidden to sell (or buy) any kind of in-game item or favor in exchange for real-world currency, real-world items or any cryptocurrency, regardless of it carrying it any monetary value or not. You may not use any of the chat channels to negotiate sales or exchanges of real-world items, currency or cryptocurrency.
  3. You may never attempt to damage or compromise the integrity, security or functionality of the server and its related services
    • Loitering (staying inactive/AFK on the server logged in for extended periods of time) is not allowed
    • Any type of hacking, "pentesting" or port-scanning is not only against the rules, but also illegal.
    • You may not spam/flood the server or website with requests (a.k.a. DoS or DDoS).
    • Users who try attempt to leak private information could face legal consequences. We take privacy very seriously at NewSpawn. This also applies to attempting to illegitimately discover user credentials.
    • You may never use in-game bugs to attempt crash or otherwise damage the server. Please report them instead. Raids are against the rules and participants will be banned en masse.
    • Remember that defrauding/scamming users by tricking them into sending you confidential information (phishing) is illegal.
  4. The NewSpawn communication channels are a place for civil discussion, information exchange and friendly conversation; we'd like to keep it that way, hence there are some additional rules which apply to communication specifically:
    • Spamming the in-game chat and other communication channels with advertisements or garbage is against the rules. If you want to advertise your Minecraft-related creation, YouTube/similar channel, website etc. please ask an Administrator for permission first.
    • In general, please keep the chat tidy and avoid excessive cursing. We don't expect our community not to say swearwords at all, but at the very least it's demanded that everyone refrains from doing so to an egregious extent. Insulting players is a bannable offense.
    • You must NEVER discuss, share links or media, create structures or have skins depicting or falling under the following topics:
      • Drugs/alcohol (whether legal or not)
      • Sexuality or nudity (any adult content)
      • Religion
      • Politics
      • Hate speech
      • "Black-Hat" (malicious) hacking
      • Any activity that is a crime under Italian and/or European Law
      • Methods of getting around NewSpawn rule enforcement
    • You must NEVER insult a user or discriminate against them due to any personal characteristic (e.g. gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, political or religious views etc.). These offenses will result in an instant and permanent ban.
    • If you happen to get into a heated argument with another user, please solve it elsewhere.
    • You must NEVER attempt to impersonate anyone else, not even with their permission. Identity fraud is a crime and will also get you banned from NewSpawn permanently. This applies to any action that can lead others to believe you are another person.
    • Only use English in the public chat. We don't expect you to have perfect or great English by any means or to be a native speaker, but in order not to overly alienate people who don't speak your language, make sure you never send public messages that English-speaking users won't be able to understand. You may use different languages in Direct Messages with the /w command. Failure to comply with this rule won't result in a permanent ban, but please follow the rules.
    • Usernames, skins and profile pictures can't contain swear words, sexually suggestive language, political or religious messages. They must be readable and not be made of random characters. Blank usernames or profile pictures, or names with strange Unicode characters are not allowed.
  5. Asking Admins or Helpers for extra permissions or preferential treatment (this includes but isn't limited to execution of commands such as /tp, /op, /give etc.) is not permitted. Users can (and are encouraged to) ask an Admin or a Helper in case of griefing, theft or if they get stuck due to a bug.
  6. Exploiting in-game bugs is not always forbidden. However, exploitation of the following types of bugs are banned:
    • Item, block or entity duplication bugs (regardless of the rarity of the things duplicated in question)
    • Bugs that can negatively impact the experience of other players
    • Bugs which cause the server to slow down or even crash, and in general can have an impact over the world or NewSpawn as a whole.
  7. You must never help another user violate a Rule.
  8. Helpers are subject to additional rules:
    • You must never ask users for any favor (regardless of it being in-game or not) in exchange for your help.
    • You may not abuse your powers to cheat the game (all commands are logged and checked, you'll get banned).
    • You must never ban a user if you aren't certain that they have violated a rule of NewSpawn.
    • You must ALWAYS notify Administrators after banning a user.
    • Rollbacks are extraordinary events that happen if and only if a user gets banned for violating a rule of any kind. Rollbacks must apply to all actions a user has ever performed, but if such history is longer than 2 weeks, an Administrator must be contacted prior to the rollback. You may not perform a rollback on the world without banning a user, otherwise permanent changes to NewSpawn would lose their value (i.e. people would not think twice before taking a risk, knowing that their action can be rolled back). You may never rollback only part of the world, or any of your own actions.
    • Helpers may not rollback damage caused by game bugs/glitches. An Administrator should be contacted instead.
    • You may not ask for more permissions than those granted by the Helper role (Rule 5 applies to Helpers too).
  9. Any sort of fraud is likely to result in an irrevocable ban from NewSpawn; some examples:
    • Lying to other players in order to gain an in-game advantage.
    • Not fulfilling a contract signed using the Book and Quill item or a promise made in the NewSpawn chat, without bilateral termination (for example offering a stack of blocks for a diamond, getting the diamond in advance and not giving the user the blocks). In case of such a violation, the victim of the fraud will be compensated directly at the expenses of the trespasser and the latter will be punished by ban of variable duration depending on severity (from 3 days to permanent).
    • You may only join using a single account. Using multiple accounts will result in all but one getting banned, and repeated offences will lead to an IP ban. Creating a new account to circumvent a ban is forbidden and will cause an IP ban being issued.
    • It's forbidden to use NewSpawn with an account that doesn't belong to you, regardless of it being borrowed or stolen. On the other hand, as a NewSpawner it's fundamental that you keep your account safe by using a unique and long password generated randomly. To store it (as well as all of your other passwords), we suggest using a password manager, which you should be employing anyway.

The entirety of rules above must be followed by each and every user of NewSpawn exception made for Administrators, who should still make their best efforts to keep in line with the rules. Violating NewSpawn rules can get you banned permanently from NewSpawn, potentially without any previous warning and without a chance to appeal, depending on the severity of the breach. We hope these rules we put in place are effective in improving your stay on NewSpawn. Should you have any question or concern, don't hesitate to contact us!

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