By playing on NewSpawn, using our Discord, our Wiki or our Subreddit, you choose to abide by the following sets of rules:

  • The Reddiquette (on Reddit, and in-game/Discord where applicable)
  • The NewSpawn Rules
  • Specific rules of websites and platforms (e.g. Wikia, Discord, Minecraft: Java Edition)

NewSpawn Rules

  1. You may not, under any circumstance, attempt to have a negative impact over the experience of any other user of NewSpawn. Specifically, acts that are not allowed on NewSpawn as per Rule 1 include:
    1. Verbally harassing or insulting players, no exceptions will be considered valid.
    2. Disrupting gameplay experience by intentionally destroying or damaging structures built or resources acquired by other users, such as houses and items.
    3. Stealing or otherwise taking possession of land and/or items located on grounds distinctly marked by other players (e.g. instance buildings, sealed chests, inhabited caves etc.).
    4. Doxxing players by revealing personal information they didn't explicitly give you permission to share (should authorization be unverifiable reliably, we'll always act in favor of the victim).
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